Thursday, February 22, 2007

Help Needed! Advice Welcome!

Does anybody out in blogging land have a suggestion as to what is the best method for posting AUDIO to this blog or any blog for that matter? Is YOUTUBE a viable method or is there another service that does this with relative ease?

Thank you!



iamnasra said...

Did you thry Ode

LyricHut said...

What and where do find "ODE" Nasra. I tried to GOOGLE it but didn't find anything. HELP!!!!

John said...


Have you thought about itunes? There is also a thing called audio blogger that I think you might have to pay a small amount for. There are tons of folks out there that get their podcasts up on the web for free. It might be a little less than honest to call a song a podcast. But I won't tell.


ps. I just came across your blog today. I'm enjoying it so far, and will get a link up.

Lyric Hut said...


Thanks for stopping by! You are welcome here anytime and of course if any of these lyrics seem appealing you are most welcome to use them.

There you can listen to a rough cut of a song Jeff wrote using my lyric titled "Don't Know What to Do"

I am very pleased with the way he interpreted my writing!

Take care and come back soon!


Anonymous said...

Ops sorry did not see this


its great


SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Any luck???
I think you need a tutorial in doing your own podcasts. I can link you up with someone.. if you still haven't sorted this out.. which I think you didn't.. which is entirely YOUR fault! LOL!!