Thursday, May 03, 2007


A review of REO SPEEDWAGON'S new CD.

After nearly 20 years REO SPEEDWAGON is back on the charts with their first studio album in 11 years. The genesis for the album began a couple of years ago when the band played a new song while on out on tour. The new song titled "EVERYTHING YOU FEEL" ignited a plethora of creative energy in the band and gave birth to the completion of 10 new tracks on the self released album titled FIND YOUR OWN WAY HOME. The bands 15th original studio release.

The album is REO through and through. A rock sold mix of hard rocking songs sprinkled with some of the softer touches REO is famous for. Leave no doubt. This album is one of the best the band has ever done and it is obvious the band it proud of it as well. And they damn well should be. It is every bit as potent as the classic multi platinum release Hi Infidelity from 1980 and shows REO is still capable of going full tilt in the studio.

The first song. SMILING IN THE END is a powerful crank up the volume rocker that not only holds its own musically but lyrically as well. IT ROCKS!

The second track, and title track for the album, FIND YOUR OWN WAY HOME also delves into strong lyrical heights. Definite single material!

The third song I NEEDED TO FALL slows the pace down a bit but don't let that fool you. It stands up musically with the best of them.

DANGEROUS COMBINATION is the 4th song and it has a near country feel to it. Lead singer and frontman Kevin Cronin teamed up with his good friend Jim Peterik from Survivor to pen this gem

LOST ON THE ROAD TO LOVE is the 5th song and this baby make you want to sing along with it. Upbeat and driven this song delivers more than you expect!

Track six, ANOTHER LIFETIME, is without a doubt one of my favorite songs on the album and one of my favorites from REO ever. Another definite sing along song.

RUN AWAY BABY takes the album's 7th slot and packs a somewhat surprising JAZZ type fell to it yet maintains that distinguished REO feel and sound at the same time.

The eighth track, EVERYTHING YOU FEEL is a rock solid old school REO anthem that will blister your eardrums. Quite possibly the best song on the album as well and the genesis for the new album.

BORN TO LOVE YOU takes the 9th slot and was written by REO bass player Bruce hall who also sings the song as well. This song ooozes class and has a very distinct sound with a heavy bass. For the first time ever on a REO song a clarinet is used. Played by none other that Bruce Hall's father BILL HALL. A first for both the instrument and someone from one of the bands family members to play on an REO album.The last song ends the CD with a great power ballad.

LET MY LOVE FIND YOU is a definite tear jerker but don't let that fool you. The song has class and the chops to be solid hit.

REO teamed up with legendary music producer Joe Vannelli from Blue Moon Studios and the results speak for themselves. While REO has maintained one of the strongest touring schedules over the years is a great feeling to see them back in action with new material and new CD. You can listen to samples of the songs on REO's WEBSITE at You can also purchase the CD directly from the website or at most major record stores and WALMART.

Without a doubt this album ranks a 10 out 10 and is a must have in your collection. You simply will not be disappointed. One thing is for sure REO Speedwagon doesn't need to find their way home. But their album needs to find its way into yours.


Anonymous said...

This new REO CD is the worst album in the band’s history – and that’s saying a lot considering how awful both “The Earth, A Small Man His Dog & A Chicken” and “Building the Bridge” were. None of these new songs stand on their own merit, since Cronin resorts to playing acoustic versions of Gary Richrath’s greatest hits (Ridin’ the Storm Out & Take It On the Run) to draw even modest crowds to the Walmart cash register.
There isn’t a song worth pulling out of the toilet on this fiasco.

Let’s take a look:

1. Smilin’ in the End. A hateful song about getting even with all the people that persecute you, and we all know how much poor li’l Kevin Cronin got picked on as a kid. If anything, this song shows that he deserved every a$$ kickin’ he ever got. It was amusing to see him on tour the past couple of years groaning about whiny rich millionaires like Paris Hilton. Hello, Mr. Cronin! YOU are the new Paris Hilton!

2. Find Your Own Way Home. If you thought the title track of an album is usually the strongest song, you’d be wrong. Probably one of the worst.

3. I Needed to Fall. Another song about Cronin’s screwed up life. He admits he’s an arrogant SOB and needs to be taken down a few notches. Will he take his own advice?

4. Dangerous Combination. Cronin admits he wrote this song when he was totally hammered, but when Gary Richrath did the same thing, he got canned. Can Cronin spell HYPOCRITE?

5. Lost on the Road of Love. Yet another gaggable song with trite, sappy lyrics. Who told Kevin Cronin REO was a jazz band??

6. Another Lifetime. More gaggable, trite crapola.

7. Run Away Baby. Another example of Cronin trying to turn REO into something it is not. REO is not a Caribbean band from Barbados.

8. Everything You Feel. This is REO Speedwagon? Sounds more like Air Supply on helium.

9. Born to Love You. After 30 years of marriage, REO bassist Bruce Hall divorced his wife and suddenly discovered he was “born to love” someone else. Why the hell didn’t he discover that three decades ago?

10. Let My Love Find You. Another sappy love song with trite lyrics.

Is it any wonder REO founding member and keyboardist Neal Doughty boycotted this album, and only appears on one song? No sane person in their right mind would finance this crap, which is why the band had to resort to singing in Walmart’s underwear department to sell CD’s. And even then, they’re not playing the new stuff, but mostly acoustic renditions of the old.

Unbelievable that it took TEN LONG YEARS for REO to poop this turd.

Anonymous said...

wow you have got something against reo. Do not listen to this review. The truth is this is a great cd. I have seen this twisted review on other sites. This person has got something against reo

LyricHut said...

If you can show me where this REO Hater has posted this same thing on other sites I will take his rant off and consider it a troll post.

The new CD is a great one by REO and I wish them nothing but the BEST!

Anonymous said...

I agree.
The new album is a fantastic! I am really enjoying it.
I just hope radio gives this one a chance.

Cerebralwaste said...


I agree the new CD is fantastic. It is great to see the BOYS back in high gear. Radio seems to be giving it a bit of chance and I understand it is doing very well in the European markets.

No matter what happens record sales wise, REO is doing what is going to be an even bigger trend with bands and that is to self produce, release and promote their own work. Bypassing the record labels all together. Thanks to "ALGORE" (that's one word ALGORE) and his invention called the Internet this makes it not only possible but feasible. By cutting out the record label bands have to only sell a fraction of the albums needed to be considered a financial success. Of course they want a popular album as well but if you don't make money it becomes hard to do it again

Anonymous said...


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