Monday, June 25, 2007

Random thoughts.......

I had an email from a reader of the humble little blog who asked me how do I find the inspiration to write so many lyrics. Well to be honest I don't know how I do it or why it happens the way it does. I do know I love to write and have done so, according to my mother since I was a little child writing poems.

Usually when I write things happen pretty fast. Often in 10 to 15 mins from the start to the quote "finished" lyric. The one thing and just about only rule I follow and have is I do not FORCE the writing. It has to happen naturally. Sometimes when you start writing something you hit a brick wall. The words stop flowing. I refuse to bang my head on the concrete and wring my hands. I simply set the piece aside and come back to it later. Sometimes that later is 30 mins sometimes the next day or even week, sometimes longer. Sweating over it doesn't work for me and I think hurts the creative process. At least for me. Often when I put a lyric aside I start another one. Hitting a wall with one piece doesn't mean your creative juices stop flowing either.

Nor do I try to write everyday. Many days I do and sometimes several days go by and I don't feel any "magic". Still the bottom line is I don't force or rush the process.

Now I am nowhere what you could call a successfully lyric writer. I have never sold a lyric for a profit or has a band use one. One reader of this humble blog did put some music to one of the lyrics I wrote and I will be posting that audio very soon. Another reader tells me he is working on some music to another lyric as well. To be honest I am very pleased and satisfied about this. I view the lyrics on this blog as "open source" lyrics. If you want them take them and use them. All I ask is credit for the lyrics when used. If by some slim chance the finished product becomes a success there will be plenty of money for all. Hey I can dream right?! Meanwhile if your a musician and you see something that I have written that you like by all means use it. JUST TELL ME! And these lyrics aren't set in stone either. Writing a song is an evolutionary process. You must be flexible and understand a word or phrase that looks good on paper might not fit in that place when music is applied.

My dream is to work with two songwriters. Kevin Cronin of REO Speedwagon and Gary Cherone from EXTREME. Both of their styles are different from each other but to work with either one or BOTH (I can dream right?!) would be a life altering experience. It was Gary Cherone who lit the fire under my ass to post my lyrics on the web. It was an accidental meeting between me and Gary at a local restaurant and during the conversation Gary told me to "get them out there and post them on the web". I doubt Gary would even remember the conversation if asked, but I do! Cronin on the other hand is the frontman/lead singer and chief song writer for one of my favorite bands. I first saw REO live in 1982 and was hooked instantly. Cronin often has a "folksy" lyrical style that captures the very essence of the music. Perhaps someday I will have the honor of writing a song (or two) with these guys. Kevin? Gary? You out there? Let's write some music!

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3unhps said...

Hey Mark,

I just found ur site and began reading.

I fell in love with ur lyrics! Especially "Push and Shove". Writing lyrics were always a challenge for me. When I got inspired, its a piece of cake. And like u said, writing can't be forced. But I have this bad habit of always just writing a verse or chorus and then leave it hanging.

And so, I have so many unfinished products. I guess I never have the persistence and consistency to continue my writing. Do u have any advice on that?? hehe! :D Thnx! :D