Tuesday, November 27, 2007


They're calling me away
And I've got no place left to go

Why did they do this thing
Did they think that we would run

And it's not my country that's falling
She still holds high against the breeze
And it's not my country that'll be running
o no
They're gonna taste some misery

See the silver wings flyin' high
Hear the footsteps marchin' by and by
And can't you see I've got no where left to run
Better sign me up... Before it's all done

I'm going off to war
Gonna make my nation safe
Yes I'm tempting fate

It's something I feel I must do
Please don't stay awake
Pray I'll stay safe.
And don't let them think that we are fools
Cuz it's something I must do.
There's freedom from this land
And since there's hope we must stand
And not run away, (and not run away..)
we must stand and fight... For this land.

copywrite 2007 jmd


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