Friday, January 19, 2007

25 Lyrics in Two Weeks!

It has been a very creative 2 week period of time for me. I have written 20 + song lyrics. More than enough for 2 albums. (Yep I am dating myself.. Albums!) I truly believe most of them stand up lyrically to what else is out there and there are at least 3 or 4 that have the potential to be "hits". I don't try to write commercial bubblegum music. I write what flows from my fingers and my mind. If that happens to be "popish" well that is what it is. I am happy with what has been written yet, flexible enough to realize that nothing is set in stone. You must be flexible and open to suggestions and (GASP!) criticisms.

Too many lyricist and musicians get all wrapped up in the quote "integrity" of the song. They want to be a success. They want the fame and fortune. The bright lights, their names in lights, yet they cloister themselves and often wind up closing doors that would otherwise be open. Failing to realize that with very few exceptions if you want to sell a product (ie MUSIC and LYRICS) the product must have appeal. And that appeal means you need a "hook" in the lyric/music that brings pleasure and be re memorable to the listener. This appeal of the hook varies of course from genre to genre. A vast difference between Mettalica hooks to those provided by Barry Manilow. Yet they both sell and sell millions of albums and perform to sold out shows year after year.

As always I am looking for feedback on my lyrics. You won't hurt my feelings if you don't like something. I want and encourage you to please leave your comments if you feel so inclined. You can also email me at SKUNKCRAZY@AOL.COM if you would like. I am also open to working with people to co write some lyrics. I am also avidly looking for someone to collaborate with music wise in the Boston area. Toss out your ideas and let's run with them.



iamnasra said...

Well thank you for your help with coming up with Walk Through IT. Please do sent with others you never know which can be a winner the music business is tricky sometime

Lyrichut said...


It was a PLEASURE working with you on "Walk Through It. I hope we can collaborate on more lyrics again in the future. My door is always open to ideas.

iamnasra said...

Okay I was coming home as I was heading to have a shower this came in..

Thought will send it to you and as Im having email problem today so will your comment box

~It's Yours~

In a rushed
Rushed symphonies
Here we are
Words are lost
That brings lust
Lust in my soul
and aint the same
Without beautiful words

Who could sing my song
No music or symphonies
To lit fire on this song
Who could sing my song

These fingers don’t know
How to tie rhythm in music
Within silent tunes
Aint the same
With no passion music
Lyrics are lost

Who could sing my song
No music or symphonies
To lit fire on this song
Would you sing

Can you sing this song
With all you passion
And feel inside
One more time
It becomes your song

Jeff Oxenford said...


25 lyrics in two weeks is impressive. How did you get inspired or what is your process?

For me, I need to have some daily practices to get into the flow. I wrote about my practices in my blog.


Cerebralwaste said...


Thanks for stopping by. You are always welcome here and I must say I have enjoyed reading your blog as well.

The inspiration just came. Not alot more to it than that. Sometimes I find these creative "waves" happen and the only thing to do is write. I can't expain it better than that. Now I am not feeling as creative. I don't feel burned out by any means I just don't have that burning feeling right now. That could change on a dime though as it often does.