Friday, January 26, 2007

Sing My Song

We live in a rushed word,
Full of rushed symphonies
And here we are
Lost in the words
That brings lust
And your lost in my soul

And it just aint' the same
Without those beautiful words
Singing to my ears

Who could sing my song
With no music or symphonies
Who can light the fire on this song
Who could sing my song
Now tell me who can sing my song

These fingers don't know
How to tie the rhythm in the music
Within lays the silent tunes
And it ain't the same
With no passion music and the lyrics are lost

(chorus2)Who could sing my song
With no music or symphonies
Can you light the fire on this song
Would you sing
Now tell me would you sing.. My song.

Can you sing this song
With all you passion
And would you feel it inside
Reciting...Just one more time
It can become your song

Cuz when the melodies fade
And your tired of the race
Can't you see the notes don't sound the same
(To chorus)
copywrite 2007 JMD and Nasra Al Adawi

Nasra sent me another poem and asked me to put a lyrical touch to it. I really enjoy working with Nasra.She is extremely talented with poetry and deserves international recognition for her works.

I see this as a slow Elton John type ballad. Heavy on the piano throughout with a heavy ending. As always I hope to be able to work with Nasra again! Please visit her blog at


Anonymous said...

I really like it. Just one question to ask you when you post all your work here if any of them accept it would that be a problem as its been already published n the net...

iamnasra said...

thats me there forgot to sign in...
Thanks for all your credit. I just hate that no one visits your blog..

you have lovely blog here

LyricHut said...

I doubt it will a problem that my wor has been published on this blog. I am hoping it will help get some exposure!

Sooner or later people will visit here. I am not worried about it.


Jeff Oxenford said...


I like the lyrics. I expecially like the line, "with no passion music and lyrics are lost." That is right on the mark.

One thought, four or eight line verses are the most stable (i.e. feel resolved). 3 and 5 line verses tend to feel more unresolved. For good contrast, I would suggest taking advantage of this in only one component of the song. For example, having odd number of lines only in the verses and not the chorus and bridge. Or in the chorus and not the verses and bridge. The last line in a unresolved section is a great place to make a point.


LyricHut said...

Thanks for the ideas on the 3 and 5 line lyrics. I will play around and see what happens!

Co writing with Nasra is wondefull. She is full of talent and a true pleasure to work with.

Of course Jeff if there is a lyric(s) you find interesting you are more than welcome to use it. All I ask is the credit for the lyrics as the case may be and if you record it I would like a copy for myself. I seek what most lyricist and songwriters seek and that is exposure.

Do please come back anytime!


tooners said...

this is another good one. i'm really impressed to see this side of you.

Anonymous said...

Wow you are getting famouse