Monday, January 29, 2007

(You and I) Weren't Meant for Each Other

Why do we do this to each other?
Playin' hide n seek, past the honesty
Only masks the real truth.. Can't you see.... Can't you see

You and I weren't meant for each other
There's too much distance in this love affair
I can't keep holding on
To what my heart knows is wrong
Baby you and I weren't meant for each other.

I can't keep searching past tomorrow
And you have long since left the stage

It's time we cut the strings
Open our hearts and see what tomorrow brings
And ask why do we do this to each other... Can't you see (to chorus)

There's nothing left to talk about
No more words no more doubt
We can't get past the real truth
There's nothing left of me and you


tooners said...

well look at this... you write songs! impressive! have you put any of these to music?

this is nice. i'm gonna read thru the rest of these...

seems like we have a lot of musically inclined types out here on the blog.

Lyrichut said...


I am looking for someone to work with on the music side of things. Of course if someone wants to take any of the lyrics and "run with them" they have my blessing. All I ask is to maintain my lyric credit and if recorded I want a copy of the finished song.

Please come back ANYTIME!!


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