Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Get Back To You

She called me on my phone
And told me not to come home
She said I don't know wrong from right

She said she's had enough
And was giving up
Her words cut me right down to the bone

Now I'm biding my time
In the unemployment line
Man I just wanna go home

I need to hold you for awhile
See your smile
And try to get past the shame

I just gotta.... get back to your girl
Why won't you take my call
I just wanna.... get back with you girl
I'm at the end of the line what am I supposed to do?
(Back to you girl!)

I thought I treated you right
Kept you in my sights
This whole affair caught me by surprise

Now I spend me time
Trying to make things right
Baby I just wanna come home (Back to you girl!)
(solo and to chorus x2)

There will never be another heart to take your place
I've tried to tell you that I'm sorry
but your heart is still filled with hate
Words just can't describe what I feel
I need to tell you that I love you
But I'm still spinning my wheels
copywrite 2007 jmd


iamnasra said...

lovely lyrec for a song...Thanks for all ur kind words

LyricHut said...


Thank you for your kind words as well. You are always welcome on this blog and I hope you won't be a stranger to it.