Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Not Gonna Take It

I never know
Just what you think I'm supposed to feel
I should've known better
Than to let you spin my wheels

Well you can say I'm tough
Sometimes you gotta be ruff
Can't you see..... I've had enough

Cuz I'm not gonna take it (o no)
Not gonna take anymore more from you
Cuz I'm not gonna fake it(o no)
There's gotta be more than some chemistry

I should've know better
Than to let you walk in the door
My heart just can't take it
You are not what I've been looking for

Well you can say I'm tough
Honey I've called your bluff
Can't you see... I've had enough
(to chorus solo and repeat chours x 2)


Anonymous said...

I love this poem but the word "chemistry" Im not sure when it rings with the music would it be so mouthful to


LyricHut said...


I am not one to think that lyrics in their raw form are set in stone. When you actualy get down to the writing on the music things often change and new verses are added, words are changed and verses regrouped.

I will ponder this a bit and see if I can't come up with something. Of course all suggestions from anyone are welcome!